THE HIGHLANDS 3 Blocks to UNRRenostudenthousing.com6
THE HABITAT 'One Mile to UNR'Renostudenthousing.com20
RENO REGENCY '3 Minutes from UNR'Renostudenthousing.com26
TRUCKEE FLATS 'One Mile to UNR'Renostudenthousing.com35
ROSS APARTMENTS '5 Minutes from UNR'Renostudenthousing.com46
WASHINGTON HEIGHTS '1 Block from the River'Renostudenthousing.com51
MANZANITA STUDIO APARTMENTS '2 Blocks to UNR'Renostudenthousing.com63
MORTARA APARTMENTS '10 Minutes from TMCC'Renostudenthousing.com70
TALUS POINT 'One Mile to TMCC'Renostudenthousing.com317
THE BELVEDERERenostudenthousing.com337
THE BLUFFSRenostudenthousing.com397
THE VIEW APARTMENTSRenostudenthousing.com415